2020 Enrollment Guide of South Korean Class in Langfang No.8 Senior High School


 Introduction to Korean class program


The South Korea class in Langfang No.8 Senior High School, established in 2015, approved by the city bureau of education.  So far there have been five hundreds of students graduate from the school and get into South Korea  Universities. The graduate students study in Yonsei University, Korea University, Hanyang University, Kyung Hee University, Central University and Ewha Woman University, North Gyeongsang National University, easten Asian schools and famous Universities in the world. The acceptance rate is more than 95%. No.8 Senior High school is a friendly exchange school with Gwangdong High School of The Korean Government and maintains a good and close communication relationship with various famous Universities in South Korea. Our school has rich experience in Korean language teaching and is able to provide the greatest support and guarantee in terms of university application, professional planning, formalities and so on. The school can provide channels, build platforms  for the students who want to study in South Korea.



The advantages of studying in Korea


1. South Korea has world-renowned institutions of higher learning with a wide range of specialties and is famous for its emphasis on applied disciplines. The university quality is good, the certificates are recognized by international and domestic academic. The entrance threshold is low to the foreign students. Studying abroad in South Korea is one of the best channels for students to study abroad and receive the education of famous universities in the world.


2. The cost is lower than studying in Europe or America. The average annual tuition fee is about 50,000 RMB (national university tuition fee is about 20,000 RMB), and the university will provide a variety of 10%-70% scholarships according to the comprehensive situation of students. South Korea has a relaxed work-study environment, which is encouraged by universities to reduce the financial burden of families to some extent.


3. As a developed country, South Korea has guaranteed security, excellent living environment, and students will quickly integrate into the local society. South Korean people are very warm and favorable to Chinese people, and Chinese and South Korean cultures are similar and similar.


4. China and South Korea have convenient transportation. South Korea is very close to China by a strip of water. There are many direct flights to Beijing and Tianjin every day, and it only takes more than an hour by plane. The round-trip air ticket price is around RMB 2,000, which is convenient and fast and saves money.


Korean is easier to learn than other foreign languages, easier to get started, and easier to pass and reach the level.


6. Employment prospects are bright. The student that stays in Korea returns to obtain employment to enjoy domestic university graduate equal treatment, diploma classics ministry of education attestation hind, can attend domestic civil servant and enterprise institution to recruit. Mastering the advantage of Korean small language can also be employed in government departments, colleges and universities and other higher levels. With the close economic and trade cooperation and exchanges between China and South Korea, the demand for bilingual and even trilingual international talents is becoming more and more urgent. In particular, international students can choose to pursue further education after graduation, and it is easier to pursue master's and doctor's degrees in Korean universities.


2020 New senior one Korean class enrollment plan



Langfang No. 8 Snior High School will continue to open elite Korean University Classes at Senior 1 in 2020, with a pre-designed Korean characteristic class with a class size of no more than 50 students, which will be separately organized and under unified grade management. Our school employs Korean foreign teachers with rich teaching experience and Chinese Korean teachers graduated from key universities to teach jointly. The teaching content is the whole subject + Korean courses in senior high school. All Korean courses are free of charge.


Entry requirements and admission methods


1.Candidates in Langfang City and counties can register.


2. Junior three graduates who will take the High School Entrance Examination in 2020 and volunteer to study abroad.


3. According to the high school entrance examination results to select the best, early registration priority admission, excellent results can be directly recorded.


Registration time: phone registration from today

Consultation briefing: expected from the end of June to early July

Registration and information: 0316-2651915

Mr. Gu:  13082076543 

Mr. Ren:  15342137580

Mr. You:  13315609888

Mrs. Yang: 18903160081


June. 3rd


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