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Langfang No. 8 Middle School Carried Out a Campus Security Inspection Before Resuming Classes

In order to further strengthen the school safety work, resolutely prevent and contain campus safety accidents, so that students back to school have a safe and stable learning environment. On the morning of May 29, Langfang No. 8 Middle School organized a campus safety inspection before the resumption of classes.

The inspection team first came to the security room to check the security inspection records of the four guards and the shift. The security facilities and equipment such as infrared alarm and security monitoring were carefully inspected, and the professional skills of the guards in the use of machine for visit people, the transfer of surveillance video and the use of steel forks were randomly checked. This security inspection has promoted the standardization of school security management and strengthened the "first pass" to ensure the safety of teachers and students on campus.

As the epidemic prevention and control became normal, the inspection team inquired about the physical condition, epidemic prevention knowledge and emergency response of the guards, and required all the staff to make clear their responsibilities and obligations in strict accordance with the requirements of the school's epidemic prevention work, and make preparations for the resumption of classes.


The inspection team shall inspect the external wall hangings, monitoring and alarming of the courtyard walls, electric wires and other facilities on the campus. Physical fitness equipment, football gate, basketball bar and other sports facilities were inspected. The problems found in the inspection were dealt with immediately. To provide a safe environment for students' study and life after returning to school.

Then, it successively inspected the key high-risk areas such as dormitories, dining halls, power distribution rooms, laboratories, libraries and teaching buildings, and put forward some improvement Suggestions and measures for the imperfect areas found in the inspection, and urged the relevant departments to speed up the rectification.

All kinds of safety problems found in the safety inspection are set up a safety ledger, determine the rectification department, rectification completion time, review time and so on. The safety department will follow up the whole process until the rectification is completed.

Safety is no small matter. We will further strengthen the campus safety work, prevent the occurrence of all kinds of safety accidents, earnestly maintain the safety and health of teachers and students, in order to ensure the smooth development of our school's education and teaching work.


May 28th