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Implement the "Double Control" Mechanism to Build a Safe Campus

In the morning of May 27th, Langfang education system "Double Control" mechanism meeting held in Langfang No.8 Middle School, the city Bureau of Education, Deputy Director of the superintendent comrade Ma Changyong, Vice-Director Zhang Zhigang, and the Comrades of the Health Bureau Deputy Director in charge of education, in charge of the security section chief, city school Vice Principas from various counties (city, area), more than 50 people attended the meeting.




At the meeting, Langfang No. 8 Middle School Principal Wang Zhongbo introduced the "double control" mechanism construction experience. Principal Wang attached great importance to and established the organization; To establish rules and regulations and standardize management; Clear responsibility, layer upon layer implementation; Science and technology support, security four aspects made a report. In particular, the paper introduces three highlights of the dual control work of our school: first, the intelligent electricity consumption, which realizes the real-time monitoring of the operation status of the electrical circuit on campus by the system platform and the intelligent integrated treatment of the electrical circuit safety hazards, thus ensuring the safety of our school's electricity consumption. Second, the elimination system plays an important role in the prevention and control of the epidemic in our school. Third, the intelligent temperature measurement system has established the first line of defense for the prevention and control of the epidemic.




An Yulin, the safety registered engineer of Hebei provincial emergency department, gave professional guidance on how to carry out the construction of double control in the school.


Zhang Zigang, Deputy Director of Langfang 'an commission office, put forward specific requirements for double-control construction of the education system through case studies and data analysis.


Ma Changyong, the official school inspector of langfang education bureau, urged the city's education system to improve its political standing, consolidate the main responsibility, improve the supervision mechanism, and resolutely prevent and contain all kinds of accidents.


After the meeting, all the staff observed the construction results of "double control" in our school.




Langfang No.8 Middle School as city bureau of education for the city's education system and the model of "double control" mechanism construction since the pilot, actively promote the construction of "double control" mechanism, through constructing two lines of defence, truly stand in front of the hidden trouble of controlling the risk, the risk management stand in front of the accident, make the school safety management responsibility more clear, sustained and effective risk control measures and risk control ability to ascend, hidden dangers governance mechanism will be improved obviously.


In the future work, Langfang No. 8 Middle School will continue to sound the alarm without being arrogant or impetuous, further strengthen the construction of the "double control" mechanism, so that students can feel comfortable, parents can be at ease, the society can feel at ease, the people will be satisfied with the school, to make new contributions to the healthy and stable development of education in our city.


 May 28th