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Senior two class (11) Liu Yao

 Liu yao, 16, is a student of class 11, grade 2 of No.8 High School of Langfang. She is also a cheerful and positive young girl in the new era. Since entering the school, she has performed well in school and got outstanding grades.

In the class, I served as the class monitor, commissary in charge of publicity, group leader and other positions, and was selected as "three good students" and "excellent class cadre" by the school for many times. She was able to assist the teacher in dealing with class problems, actively cooperated with the school in organizing various activities for students, and did her job well during the epidemic. Example, she is also a good partner of the students, in class, she keep a good relationship with each student, pay attention to the students, to solve the problem, the students actively mediate contradiction, favoritism, not favoritism, be a good partner for the students, at the same time, her grades is among the best in the class and grade are balanced, and not to hide the private to the classmates, is a good example of the students.

In study, in class, she listens to the teacher carefully, actively speak, do not miss any knowledge point; After class, she is diligent and assiduous, every minute counts, always full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm for learning, not to miss any loophole in their own, often entangled in a problem for a long time. She actively answered the students' questions and helped them solve the problem. She knew that a single flower does not make a spring. Even though she wears many different jobs, she still manages to coordinate her work and study, making them perfect.

She knows that time will never wait in the same place, so, more to grasp every minute of every second, and strive to absorb knowledge, arm themselves, so that they become more powerful, more confident.

In life, she was filial to her parents and respected her teachers. At home, she worked actively, served tea and water, did housework, and got along well with her parents without any conflicts. In school, when she met teachers, she took the initiative to greet them and won their love.

At the same time, she public-spirited, as a league member, she often take part in all kinds of school community to donate clothing gratuity, for remote, impoverished areas offer an own love, she believes, even her own contribution to trivial, even if it doesn't remember names, but is can help to some people, after all the thought of the distant compatriots because their paltry pay can have a better, she couldn't help want to continue to stick to it.

She has a wide range of hobbies, the most like reading and calligraphy. "The kite runner", "selected tagore poems", "cultural journey"...

She prefer books, these books, made her heart slowly precipitation down, become more fully, it has some books theme is very heavy, but she said: "although the book topic heavy, but they, after all, has been in the past, we can do, is it written in the bottom of the heart, and then more uplifting of the future." As a result, she developed a sunny personality. At the same time, she likes calligraphy, especially the willow body, because its every stroke is square and upright. It is this hobby that makes her honest and self-disciplined.

She took an active part in all kinds of activities held by the school, including writing newspaper and essay, etc., which she accomplished well and won many honors. However, these did not make her proud, but she met the challenge of renewal with more efforts.

Now, at the most beautiful age of her life, Goethe once said: "how beautiful, how wide, how wide is my inheritance. Time is my property, and my land is time." Therefore, she redoubled her efforts to broaden the width of life, to increase the depth of the soul, every day more diligent than the day before. She said: "this youth journey, we carry heavy burdens forward. Whether the road ahead is a red carpet, or the abyss, the history, or the elimination of the invisible, it is up to us to choose. My choice is to redouble my efforts to improve myself, not to let time remember my shadow, at least to let myself go through the hardships of time, every day is the most hard myself, and finally become in my fantasy, my most beautiful look.



May 3rd