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Embrace the New Era and Strive to be a Good Teenager

 Senior two Class (12 )Meng Zhaoyang

General Secretary Xi Jinping once said: "Chinese youth should aim high, be down to earth, ride the tide of The Times, dream of youth in the vivid practice of realizing the Chinese dream, and write a chapter of life in the unremitting struggle for the people's interests." As a senior high school student, we should write a chapter of our life, as general secretary xi jinping said!

In class, I adhere to good study, seriously complete the homework, actively answer questions, after class actively participate in class activities, actively learn the communist youth league league class, seriously learn constitutional knowledge, recitations of classics, reading classics, love world history, often discuss history with classmates, and students live in harmony, do not play, do not play. This is my normal life in the real portrayal of learning.

In the class, I am a security officer, conscientiously and conscientiously perform their duties, do some of their own duties to do things, adhere to the last to leave the classroom every day, close the door, close the window, check the computer mainframe, monitor, projector, and regularly check the school teachers dangerous goods. At ordinary times, I regularly handed in the safety log on time. During my tenure as a security officer, I almost didn't deduct any marks for the class. No matter the weather, I insisted on closing the doors and Windows in the morning and evening after school so as to be the last one to leave the classroom. When have a holiday on Friday, the students coming out of the classroom to go home, but I can't leave, as a security officer, each time trying to identify the security hidden danger earnestly, sure no, I didn't dare to leave, perhaps in others it seems this is redundant, but security is not a joke, my duty is to ensure the safety of the class. In the school, I met students in need of help, I will do my best, like the loss of the classmate's badge, if I pick up will be returned in time, to help female students carry heavy objects, actively help others to find lost things and so on, as for discipline violations, from the first grade has never been punished.

Outside school, I often help others. At home, I often help my parents do housework, sweep the floor, water the flowers and wash the dishes. Parents are old, as children of us, I think it is appropriate to do housework. Outside, when taking a bus, I will actively offer my seat to patients, elderly people and pregnant women. In the neighborhood life, I have a harmonious relationship with my neighbors, don't throw litter, don't say dirty words, I think it is a high school student should do.

The greatest satisfaction in life is to give others to meet, this classic quote impressed me, "a person's life may burn or decay, I can not decay", I will take this as my motto, a few years passed, this quote is still my motto. If life does not struggle, then what is the point of existence? I feel that I am nothing compared with others who are virtuous and noble, but at least I have helped others. Virtue has no age. Virtue is a good habit.

May 1st