The Epidemic Was a Heavy Responsibility Before Us


Senior two, class (8) Guo Luyu

As a high school student, looking back on it, I regrets, remember 17 months ago I just step into high school, is full of fresh and curious about everything, and then be in a lot of things, the results repeatedly hit a wall, good again in this process, I learned the lesson learned, during this period from high school to university for three years journey, I try to complete their learning goals, in addition to also want to fully adapt to the life of the school to enrich their own practical experience and life experience, but no matter how many "temptation" my high school life is full of still determined to study in the first place.

In nearly two years of high school, I study hard, cherish every minute and second, determined not to be late, don't leave early, not absent, and I think high school life is a process of constantly improve themselves, to enrich themselves, so it is of decisive significance in life for three years, I always uphold the society life, learn to do things, learn to learn the concept of personal development, spare capacity under the condition of the physical, brave to try, I served as the monitor of class, I always serious and responsible, unite classmates, help the students, and actively cooperate with the teacher in charge of the work, make the class affairs in an orderly way, My classmates would communicate with me and ask me how to solve the problems they encountered in life, which enabled me to gain a full understanding of social practice and interpersonal processing, as well as to understand the true meaning of being a man and doing things in the process. Gradually, I felt that my character had been fully tempered. It is no longer that when just entering school, knowledge cognition are shallow I.

At home, I am an independent child, not only can arrange their own life in good order, but also often help parents do some things within their power. Since my childhood, I have formed the good habit of abiding by laws and regulations, respecting social morality, loving flowers and trees, and saving electricity and water. In daily life, I often donate some pocket money I saved, clothes and shoes I don't wear, as well as some extra-curricular reading materials I have read. I also feel happy when I help them, just like what my parents told me when I was a child: a gift of roses can bring fragrance to my hands!

However, I can still realize my shortcomings through many things, for example, I am very lack of research spirit, sometimes encounter the problem of overreaching, will retreat half, usually in the homework I will be very delay, can not do today things today, so for me is a very need to overcome the problem.

Who would have thought is such a beginning in 2020, was always supposed to our school, but because COVID - 19 only learn that occupy the home, in the beginning I am very not adapt, not through the network to study on the practicalities of screen, it seems I can't overcome a difficult problem, but I in this outbreak time watching the news, I saw the frontline staff hard hard, I also saw hundreds of millions of people unite as one, more see the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, made me understand, we only learn by own efforts, can be in the country are faced with so difficult to contribute their strength, Only in this way can we charge forward the party and the people.

Therefore, in the recent month, I began to slowly ask myself to "get up as soon as the alarm clock rings". In order to overcome my laziness, I would deliberately not draw the curtain when I sleep at night, so that the bright light in the morning can make my brain wake up faster and not forget my original intention and mission.

Slowly I used to get up at 6 PM - this time, so that I can make full use of this period of autonomous learning in the morning time, and I'm on the phone to download the software, to take advantage of this period of time in the morning, memorizing words memorizing all kinds of knowledge, to further enhance their own requirements, this makes my learning efficiency is greatly improved, also make me more and more.

I believe that this year is destined to be an extraordinary year. With 408 days to go before the college entrance examination, I will clearly memorize general secretary xi's words: "time waits for no one, and history waits for no one. The majority of young people should keep in mind their historical mission, strengthen their ideals and convictions, and make the flowers of youth bloom where the party and the people need them most."

Ten thousand years is too long, I only seize the day!  

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