Youth Is Brilliant


Zhang JingJing is active and enterprising, never proud, never relaxed on the knowledge of learning, to review the old and learn new, every time the teacher assigned to complete the homework. The examination also achieved good results in all subjects. She believes that it is always good for her to learn more knowledge to broaden her horizon. In addition, she has a variety of interests and hobbies. She often plays badminton with her classmates and goes jogging on the playground. In her spare time, she would go to the library to read some extra-curricular knowledge and books she was interested in, so as to expand her knowledge that a healthy body is the prerequisite for all activities.

In addition to mastering a wealth of cultural knowledge, she has a wide range of interests and extracurricular activities. She enjoys painting, dancing and broadcasting. In the 2018 Langfang No.8 Middle School art festival, I became the host of the evening party. In the same year, the English festival participated in the sketch, dubbing, its English hand copy newspaper was also exhibited. In 2019, he became one of the main persons in charge of behind-the-scenes activities at langfang no. 8 middle school English and art festival. We also often see her active figure in the art festival, rich extracurricular interests to further enrich her knowledge, edify her sentiment.

At the beginning of the semester, she actively participated in the class cadre election and was elected as the class monitor. From the first year of high school to now, out of the love and responsibility for the class, she has been working hard to do her work well, and cooperate with the class teacher and monitor to do the class work in an orderly manner. In addition to class work, she also took part in the student union in the first year of high school. During her tenure as the President of the student union, she worked very hard. With their joint efforts, the student union successfully completed the recruitment activity of the student union department. Although she will appear from time to time this and that 'problem, but as the saying goes that success is the mother of failure, she with firm faith, and try to find a solution to the problem, finally all problems can be solved. She kept summing up, exercising and growing in various events, taking every mistake as valuable experience, which improved her professional quality and made her more mature, experienced and wonderful in life. From then on, he has been awarded "excellent class cadre" and "merit student" by the school for many times.

Class work enriched her life, let her know that details determine success or failure, ordinary is also pregnant with great, only when a person put their youth and progress closely linked, life is meaningful.

In terms of life, she is optimistic and cheerful, sunny and confident. She knows how to tolerate others with a tolerant mind, and can get along well with her classmates. Helping others is a traditional virtue of Chinese culture for 5,000 years. Helping others not only enriches her life, but also makes her more confident and courageous. She is kind and helpful. She often said: help others, happy yourself, give others roses, hand fragrance. She thinks like this and does like this, the students do not understand the problem are like to discuss with her, she was sincere and enthusiastic to get everyone's recognition. She has formed a good habit of self-reliance at home since childhood, helping her parents to do some housework to the best of her ability, sharing her parents' worries and becoming a proud child of her parents. In society, she always remembers that she is a member of the communist youth league, abiding by social ethics and enthusiastic about public welfare activities. In each "show love" activity, she always actively donated their saved pocket money, but also actively proposed to let the family together for the disaster area donations, donations. In the neighborhood, she offered to donate clothes and school supplies to children in the mountains, as well as carefully selected extra-curricular books and well-kept toys. She abides by social morality, abides by laws and regulations, cherishes public property, protects the ecological environment, never litters, protects plants and trees, has formed the good habit of saving every drop of water, every kilowatt-hour of electricity and every piece of paper since childhood, and can remind the family and the people around to protect the environment together.

People's life can only enjoy a youth, not everyone's youth is vigorous, brilliant. But the youth is beautiful, only carefully cast, can send out the gorgeous luster, high school days like water quietly left, across her fingertips, also across her youth, she always believe that the feet are longer than the road, no matter how far away, as long as they keep chasing, will be able to find. Looking back on yesterday, should be a clear conscience; Facing close to today, should be doubly cherished; Looking forward to tomorrow, we should be full of confidence. How high the day, tiptoe today more sunshine.