Joint Battle Against the Epidemic

Langfang No. 8 Middle School Carried Out Patriotic Education Activities


"I cannot be separated from my country for a moment. Wherever I go, a hymn flows out. I sing of every mountain, I sing of every river..." I deeply love my motherland, the sea with the surging waves eulogize, mountains with towering magnificent witness, the earth with vast things bo oath, we with gratitude and action to return the great motherland. Recently, Langfang No. 8 Middle School grade one held a patriotic education activity of "cultivating the feelings of home and country", the Chinese teachers actively acted, worked together, put their heads together, led the students to watch the movie "my country and my country" in class, wrote the impression, and expressed the "feelings of home and country" essay affectionate confession of the motherland.


The epidemic has once again demonstrated the strengths of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. The Yellow River has once again witnessed the strong and indomitable spirit of the Chinese nation, and the rolling Yangtze river has once again witnessed the Chinese spirit and strength that "mount Tai will not be crushed by its summit, and all thunder will endure". Students after watching the film, talk about feelings, sincere expression, deep feeling of the strong and brilliant motherland!

Students with gratitude for the pen, with deep feelings for ink, to the article for the heart, compose music, singing the motherland's peaceful and prosperous!


In the new era, young people should have the aspiration of "taking the world as their own responsibility", the aspiration of "being the tide tounderstand of the new era", and the perseverance of "knowing more about difficulties than difficulties". Condensing and concentrating, forging ahead! Yang the spirit of China, the feelings of the country, with a thousand will, the rejuvenation of China, please prosperous long song.


I am proud that I am Chinese! This life without regret into China!

April 15,2020