What Should We Do When 80 Days Left to the College Entrance Examination, ?

First, the mind is calm and dare to show the short.

Some students in the third year of the preparation process, have done all the preparation work but when they suddenly received the news of the delay, there will be a certain mood, which is very normal. Any of us will feel this way when we face some changes. But normal doesn't mean reasonable, so before we face the fact of delay, it's important to analyze what kind of emotion you feel. If it is a joyful mood, I can have more time to review to conquer their weak subjects, so congratulations to you, you must be a plan and thinking of excellent students. You can follow your own plans step by step towards their goals. But if you're experiencing anxiety and fear, you have to analyze where your anxiety and fear is coming from. Is it anxiety about not knowing what to do with the extra time? Or the fear of not having confidence in your own studies? You can take out a piece of paper and write down your feelings. Adjust your mindset, calm yourself down, settle down, and get ready to sprint. Analysis will dare to show their own shortcomings and deficiencies, face is insufficient to show himself in the subject, the knowledge, ability and problem solving skills, the exam is not an end but a means of inspection, preparing too much not to struggle with the score height, but to make good use of limited training, big test, quizzes, analytical summary, solve their own weaknesses, swallow the short board is the greatest progress. If you think about it, the extra month will give us time to solve our problems and make up for our shortcomings. What a rare opportunity!




Second, improve yourself by self-discipline

This year's college entrance examination is not from the difficulty of the test to widen the distance; But from the self-discipline, autonomy, consciousness on the distance. Some people say, "self-discipline people with 30 days to widen the gap, indulgence people with 30 days to comfort procrastination"; Some people analyzed in detail the possible changes in students' mentality at all levels during the 30 days. How do middle-level students take this to the next level? Will the children who are not afraid get another chance to come back from the dead?" Whoever is more disciplined will win the college entrance examination. Whoever keeps a tight rein on himself will win the college entrance examination. Smart people may not succeed, but people with strong self-control will generally succeed, so we should have the courage to manage ourselves, be bold in management, be strict in management, who relaxed, equivalent to giving up the college entrance examination. Relax, is equivalent to give up the advantage of the college entrance examination to others. We should reasonably arrange the study time according to our own actual situation, sprint the key points, return to the foundation, check the gaps, and make feasible study plans. We should not aim too high, nor lower ourselves too low. We should constantly improve our college entrance examination goals and stimulate the potential of college entrance examination. Before the college entrance examination, we should make a thorough separation with anyone and anything that may distract us without hesitation, and we can ask our parents for compulsory and supervision if we cannot control ourselves. Cell phones and electronic products must be well controlled, rather than distracted to learn. No self-discipline, no success, no efficiency, no learning. In order to improve the efficiency of preparation for the exam, we should make plans for independent review. Usually, just like the exam, the exam will be like the usual training. We can try to "change learning into teaching", advocate learning to speak to others, speak to ourselves, and transfer and absorb knowledge through speaking. But also more difficult to find problems, do "learn" and "ask" combination, ask each other, learn together, form a learning community; Believe in the teacher, review according to the teacher's direction, follow the teacher, follow the class, borrow wisdom from the teacher, stand on the teacher's "shoulder" to improve. Desperate people are too busy to dream, looking around. When you put your heart into the study, each question is a step up, each lesson will bring you closer to your dream.




Third, dare to struggle and set up self-confidence

Time suddenly out of thin air a month, this month's time, we must be like soldiers, take up arms, charge forward, confident sunshine, challenge yourself, beyond yourself. To the student with not solid knowledge, must not have vacillate or the idea that gives up, be equivalent to disarm surrender in that way, be equivalent to exit competition, be like that certain meeting regrets youth. People in the study and life to try to find at least a way to boost your confidence, so that when you don't feel confident, you can quickly through this method to discipline yourself, of course, we are looking for can regardless of the method itself, as long as can play a positive role for your self-confidence will do for you. Remember, it's never too late to act now! The more critical moment, the easier it is to not know what to do. So we need to take a look at our schedule, put in the extra 30 days, and reorganize. In addition to regular lectures, homework, sorting and questions, be sure to set some personalized goals for each day and each week. Give yourself something to do in every moment, and make sure that everything you do counts. Clear up many vague concepts; Skilled many unfamiliar skills, correct many mistakes have been made in the examination room...... The above synthesis is eight words "good good study, every day up", good body, good mentality, good state, good rhythm; Daily training, daily self-discipline, daily reflection, daily progress.


April 3rd.2020