Be a Helpful Parent

 1. Guide and accompany the children to go through difficulties

College entrance examination delay a month, children and parents have extended promoted the wonderful time, excellent parents to do escorts, run-up, leader and mentor to life, for the rest of the more than 90 days, the parents should continue to do the child's leader and mentor in life, emotional, psychological stability to the child from the child steadfast support, do care not to nag, not excessive, encourage no pressure, anxiety is not passed. Do a good job in ensuring children's preparation for the exam, ensure their food, clothing, housing and transportation, and create a comfortable learning environment conducive to learning, so that children's preparation environment has love, fun, and warmth: family affection is a very important psychological immunity for children, which can help children cope with more challenges. During the outbreak, family members stayed together, spending more time together and being closer in space than ever before. A good family, a warm and loving atmosphere, is a stress-relieving harbor for children and provides them with endless strength to overcome difficulties.

2. Calm down and adjust your mood

Under the epidemic situation, parents should maintain a good attitude towards the fluctuation of their children's study. In particular, they should not quarrel with their children in front of them. They should not spread rumors about the epidemic or preparing for the exam which may easily cause panic, and they should control their negative emotions. When the time for the college entrance examination is delayed, parents should be calm and calm in front of their children. They should even take the initiative to express their recognition of the extension of the college entrance examination in front of their children. They should give their children an example of peace of mind. Parents are emotionally stable and optimistic, which is of great significance to children who review at home. Parents should understand their children's interests, encourage them with the role of their peers, and try their best to make the family full of laughter and laughter. When happiness is far more than depression and anxiety, the overall state of the children will be good.

3. home and school to do staff

Do a good job of information collection and communication with the school: parents can help their children do a good job of collecting all kinds of objective scientific information for test preparation, actively communicate with the school teachers, and ensure that the concept of home and school is consistent. Extended period, parents have more time to understand the college enrollment policy and information, make preparations in advance, the comprehensive evaluation of colleges and universities, the strong foundation plan, "trinity" and other policies announced, timely understanding; At the same time, students can also be familiar with and understand the various items in the application form after the college entrance examination, which can provide reference for students when filling in the application form. College entrance examination postponed, the pace of efforts not postponed. The road of life, the college entrance examination is just a special experience of life, whether the front is the sunshine road, or thorns; All of us should meet the challenges and embrace the future with the "strongest" spirit, the "most realistic" action and the "most beautiful" attitude.

April 22ed.2020