Langfang No. 8 Middle School Carried Out the Education Activity of "Inheriting the Red Gene"

 During the Qingming Festival, Langfang No. 8 Middle School launched an online education activity themed "passing on the red gene" to encourage young students to carry on the martyrs' wishes, cherish the happy life and inspire patriotic feelings. Students through a variety of forms to express the deep memory of the revolutionary martyrs, the great love of the new era of the great motherland, the infinite vision of a better future.


First, the class will learn the deeds, the spirit of the everlasting.

The class teacher combines the student to study at home the present situation, holds the on-line theme class meeting, propagandizes to the student the revolutionary martyrs to drop the head, to shed one's blood, would rather die than surrender, for the national nation unremitting struggle touching story, lets the student more profoundly experience the martyrs the noble quality and the revolutionary spirit.



Second, the online sacrifice of heroes, message table mourning.

On the eve of tomb-sweeping day, the class teacher organized students to log on to langfang civilization network for online memorial service, "flowers" and "message" activities. When the students see the heroic deeds of the martyrs, as if back to the people, suffering in the dark era, is the countless martyrs of the heroic dedication, ushered in the independence of the country, national rejuvenation. As a result, the students to cherish today's a better life, ginger have twinkle 212 classmates online message said "the long river of time, but does not water down our memory of revolutionary martyrs, in those days they fought every inch of the land, is now blossoming flowers, the trees sprout, we should cherish the hard-won life now, more want to know what shoulder the historical responsibility and mission."


Third, the book and painting, interpretation of the national conditions.

This activity shook the hearts of students, students through calligraphy, painting, hand newspaper and other forms have written down their feelings, content positive health upward, carry forward the positive energy, express the respect for the martyrs and the blessing of the motherland.



During the Qingming Festival, the students expressed their gratitude and nostalgia for the revolutionary martyrs with practical actions. The various activities strengthened their sense of historical mission and their incomparable reverence for the martyrs. We all deeply understand that a happy life is not easy to come by, and we know how to cherish today, be grateful, and understand the responsibilities we shoulder. We have strengthened our belief to study hard for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and strive to be a good young man in the new era. Today the inheritance of red genes, tomorrow the completion of the martyrs will, we will be the flag of our ancestors, study hard, live up to the youth, do a great motherland qualified builders and successors!


Apri 1st.2020