Let Our Youth Shine in Labor

To fully implement the Party's 19th Spirit and the spirit of National Conference on education, the implementation of the art of "education" of morality, intelligence and physique, strengthen the labor education, the grades of Langfang No.8 actively organize, labor class meetings, labor, labor comprehension by methods such as actively working, labor aims to guide students to respect and love of labor. Participation in labor, is a comprehensive and objective cognition for labor.


1. Labor class meeting

The group of grade one of Langfang No. 8 Middle School held a class meeting with the theme of "let youth shine through work" by means of video conference, taking into account the special situation of fighting against the epidemic and students studying at home. Let the students know the importance of labor, labor related to the famous words, sharing touching stories about labor and sharing the anti-epidemic relief and other major events emerged in the typical figures and heroic deeds to understand labor. This class meeting is conducive to cultivating students' good habit of loving labor, so that students know that participating in labor is a kind of glory, love of labor is a virtue, the society in labor progress, happiness by labor to create. By asking students to complete some leadership tasks within their power, students can personally experience the happiness brought by labor and develop the good quality and habit of cherishing the fruits of labor in life, so as to enhance students' practical ability to learn to live, learn to live and learn to learn.


2. Fruits of labor


Photos of a serious figure witnessed the beautiful work. Through the students' active labor bit by bit, the teachers felt the students' full enthusiasm for labor, but also for the students to master the labor skills, experience the joy of labor and feel happy.



3. labor sentiment article


To record the personal experience and real feelings of labor, and share them with the teachers and students, which is quite different from the former closed door in the composition class. Because personally experienced the process of labor, witnessed the production of labor results, so the students' articles less bookish, less empty, more fresh, kind and vivid moving factors. At the same time, the sublimation from practice to theory also makes students objectively realize their current situation of labor ability, and they will take the initiative to look for ways of labor in the future to improve their labor ability, so as to reap the joy of labor and promote their healthy growth.



4. Online award for labor excellence

In order to encourage all students to actively participate in the work, and also to commend the role model, and through the role model power to lead all students, langfang no.



This era is the era created by the workers, "long awake at night, sanyi court", love of labor is the outstanding tradition of the Chinese nation, lingering until now. "People's livelihood in the diligent, diligent is not want", labor is the source of wealth, is also the source of happiness.

Young people in the new era, fall in love with labor, fall in love with characteristics, let us sing the strongest voice of The Times!


March 31st.2020