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The Spring Breeze Moistens the Heart


-- Langfang No. 8 Middle School Held Class Meetings with Themes

In view of the current situation of students studying at home, Langfang No. 8 Middle School attaches great importance to students' moral education and holds online class meetings every Sunday. Class will do three ones:



A video. Every week, the education department pushes a video file to organize the students to watch the class meeting. The video includes inspirational, diligent and hard work, psychological counseling and other content, aiming at cultivating students' sense of responsibility, setting a lofty goal, so that students know that now many people are on the front line of the epidemic to protect you, the future of China depends on you!



A summary. In a timely manner, the head teacher summarizes the performance of the students in the week, students' life performance and learning situation, and completes the teaching task assigned by the school, so as to praise the students to the details and criticize the students on the basis.

A little concrete improvement. The teacher in charge of the next week on the subject of the specific arrangements, put forward specific requirements, students are required to complete each class, each training, each education, teaching activities in a timely and serious manner.



When the class teacher and the students connected, the students said excitedly: "thanks to the school carefully planned and carefully arranged, let us feel isolated at home, we are not alone, have the school and the teacher's care and care, let us feel warm".



Through the class meeting, the head teacher made detailed comments on the ideological trends and learning status of the students during the week, praised the students who had performed well this week, pointed out the existing problems, grasped the outstanding deeds during the epidemic period, carried out targeted guidance and education, and helped the students to establish the correct three views, which played a good educational effect.


Mar 21st.2020