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I Will Wait for You in No. 8 Middle School in the Warm Spring



Campus flowers open their charming eyes


flowers compete in splendor, showing the grace of April and rendering the hope of No 8.

the warm of Spring, campus flowers, only to embrace you into the bosom!

Spring is coming to greet you

The surprise of spring is,

She will not delay any life,

Always give them a chance to bloom;

At this time so is the No. 8 Middle School campus.

Eight vitality, live up to the spring, welcome you back!

It is the youth struggle

Spring, is the most suitable for the struggle of the season;

Youth, is the unique joy of life!

Time is walking,

Never slowing down;

Have a dream to chase,

It is the youth struggle!

1.20 to 4.22,

Three months of "super long" vacation,

As the epidemic recedes,

The dream depends on!

I wait for hope,

You're desperate to get back.

The campus is intact,

Ready for you!



Apri 20,2020