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Caring Enterprises Send Warm to School


On March 14th, Zhang Hongmei, a representative of Beijing Dianshi Cultural Development Co., LTD., and her party went to Langfang No. 8 Middle School and donated 6,000 disposable gloves for the school's epidemic prevention and control work. Mr. Wang Zhongbo, Principal of the school, Mr. Xing Guosheng, Director of grade two of our high school, and Mr. Liu Zhongcheng warmly received the representatives of the company. Principal Wang Zhongbo expressed heartfelt thanks to good works to the company, and said that the donation bring huge encouragement to school’s epidemic prevention and control work and added power for us to overcome the outbreak.We firmly believe that under the joint efforts of everyone, we must be able to win the war of prevention and control the outbreak.

Mar 15th.2020