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Selfless Donations Warm the Hearts of People Working Together to Fight the Epidemic


On the morning of March 8, 2020, Famous Culture and Art Exchange Co., ltd. donated 57 boxes of disinfectant, worth more than 200,000 yuan, to No.8 Middle School through the Red Cross Society of the city. Wang Jiyin Deputy Secretary of Municipal Party Committee united front work department, Zhuhai Red Cross society Secretary-General Chun-Fang Wu, City Bureau of Education of Party members, Deputy Researcher Wang Quanle, Committee of Langfang, Wang Aifang, Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Party Committee, Vice Chairman, Mr Argus Culture and Art communication Co., LTD., Chairman, Mr Yuen, the Principal of No.8 Middle School Wang Zhongbo attended the donation ceremony.


On behalf of Langfang Education Bureau, Mr. Wang quanle thanked Famous Culture Co., LTD for its support to education. City bureau of education resolutely followed, the central direction on epidemic prevention and control and the provincial party committee, the provincial and municipal party committee, municipal government all policy decisions into effect, further enhance the consciousness of "four", "four confidences", "two maintenances", put into epidemic prevention and control of the first line as the touchstone of beginner's mind, bear the mission, achieve between staying a duty, between staying accountable, between staying and responsible, and ensure the implementation of prevention and control measures to be born, to win the war to make its own contribution.

In the current shortage of materials, the donation of these materials is undoubtedly a timely help to our school. What they donated is not only a material, but also a heavy social responsibility, a deep love feelings, this responsibility and feelings let us deeply touched, but also will become the inexhaustible motivation for us to work harder. School will be standing in the epidemic prevention on the line, according to the overall arrangements for the city's education system of epidemic prevention and control work, to fight the attitude, the spirit of the bear, with practical action to return the society from all walks of life to our love, for the teachers and students, health, civilization and orderly learning environment, determined to win the epidemic prevention and control of war!



Mar 10th. 2020