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Characteristic Homework During the Epidemic

The outbreak of COVID-19 is so aggressive that it has caught people off guard. However, the English teachers of Langfang No. 8 Middle School who are under the unified deployment and coordination of the school leadership, not only make the regular network of the class colorful, the layout of the characteristic homework is also rich in imagination.



Step into classic films and cultivate the quality of thinking


Oscar-winning films are the concentrated embodiment of foreign cultures and values, and the most authentic corpus for "cross-cultural" communication. The English teacher made use of the Qingming Festival Holiday to assign this "characteristic homework", the film is optional, the students on the personal impact of some aspects of the most comment, the answer is open, has nothing to do with right or wrong. Students can feel the difference between Chinese and western cultures, observe and understand the world from the perspective of the east, make analysis and judgment on things, and improve their critical thinking ability.



Broaden learning channels and improve learning ability

In order to make full use of students' online resources , English teachers have changed the past "I teach you" cramming method, let students use a variety of electronic resources, with the attitude of "take the doctrine" eclectic, for my use. More popular are: fluent in English, hundred words cut, dimension words, ink back words and so on. The common feature of these apps is that they combine education with fun, and integrate games with learning. The enthusiasm of students in independent learning is improved.



Learn life skills and spread food culture

In order to enrich students' home life and change the boring life mode of "staring at the screen and sitting until dark" all day, the English teacher assigned a hands-on homework: make a dish and describe the process in English. Other students in the class gave comments. This activity not only cultivated students' independent living ability and problem-solving ability, but also exercised their language skills. The students also felt a sense of accomplishment in spreading Chinese food culture.


Treat epidemic situation rationally and cultivate critical thinking ability

A teacher gathered BillGates' predictions about the global outbreak, and Mr. Gates's views coincide with President xi jinping's vision for acommunity of Shared future formankind. Instead of textbooks, students take advantage of the current media resources to learn, the interest of students increased. Through the guidance of teachers, students understand the importance of rational thinking and learn the skills of discrimination and judgment in the turbulent period of information explosion. After class, students present their opinions in the form of small papers, among which there is no lack of independent thinking and responsibility of the post-00s generation. The activity is no less than a "thought and politics" class that outputs positive energy and establishes a correct outlook on life.




During the epidemic period, the characteristic English teaching in langfang no. 8 middle school was not delayed, nor did it follow the old path with new shoes. Instead, it went against the trend and became more colorful, innovative and effective. Inadvertently, teachers internalize the ability to cultivate students' language awareness, to think and analyze, to understand the cultural connotations of different countries, to compare similarities and differences, and to respect differences. These are exactly the English discipline accomplishment, which is the ultimate goal of English teaching.


Apr 17th, 2020