The Visit Of Korean Cultural Institute To Experience Korean Culture In Depth


On December 9th, 33 students with 17 parents and two teachers from the Korean Language Class of grade one of No.8 Middle School visited the Korean Culture Institute in Beijing to experience Korean culture from multiple perspectives and at multiple levels to deepen their understanding of Korean culture.


At 7:30 in the morning, the bus set off on time. During the one-and-a-half hour drive, the person in charge of this program emphasized the purpose and significance of this trip, the cultural differences between China and South Korea, and the precautions during the visit and exchange. Minister Li, who has been engaged in Sino-Korean exchange for nearly 20 years, told about the local customs and customs of South Korea and sang a classic song in pure Korean. The soulful singing set off the singing enthusiasm of the teachers and students, "Grandmother's Penghu bay", "young China",  loud and clear singing in the whole carriage; Then 21 students described the South Korea they knew and their favorite South Korean Universities. The five parents also earnestly expressed their earnest hopes for their children.


Sitting on the ground is a traditional way of eating in Korea -- unlimited small dishes, delicious pork belly and beef -- students and parents have a more direct understanding of Korean food culture through tasting Korean food.



The institute, formerly known as the Cultural Information Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in China, was established in 1994 after the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and the Republic of Korea. The second floor library has more than 20,000 volumes of the latest Korean books, for readers to borrow free; The underground gallery hosts a variety of exhibitions related to Korean art each year. Here you can enjoy exhibits related to Korean culture, borrow books, listen to Korean language, Korean culture courses, experience Korean food, watch performances and movies, enjoy exhibitions, and obtain Korean travel materials. In addition to the Korean language classroom, the academy also holds Korean cuisine classes, Korean national music classes and Korean taekwondo classes, which are popular with many friends. It's a great place to get up close and personal with Korean culture.



Students and parents make hanbok paper folding under the guidance of a Korean teacher. In the explanation, the Korean teacher also introduced some stories about the customs of Korean clothing, historical anecdotes. Students and parents listen and do carefully. At last, the children took their handmade Korean paper and thanked the teacher in Korean.


The visit was short, but students and parents benefited a lot. Students have said, must study hard, with excellent results to repay their parents, repay the school!


Dece 30th, 2019

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