The Delegation From Singapore Anglo-Chinese Middle School Visited Langfang No. 8 Middle School  

On Nove 11th, 29 members from Anglo-Chinese Middle School visited Langfang No. 8 Middle School and participated in the five-day winter camp. A grand welcoming ceremony was held in the gym of No.8 on the morning of December 12th. The Principal of Langfang No. 8 Middle School Wang Zhongbo attended the welcoming ceremony and hoped that they could learn something through this activitiy in China.


Since 2002, Anglo-Chinese Middle School has become friendly exchange school with Langfang No. 8 middle school. Every year, talents are selected from the examination program for overseas students held by No. 8 Middle School, and teachers and students are sent to each other’s school  for exchange visits. Since 2015, No.8 Middle School has participated in the Global Innovation Ability Competition organized by Anglo-Chinese Middle School for three consecutive years, and all of them have achieved excellent results. There are frequent exchanges and profound friendship between the two schools.



During the exchange visit, Anglo-Chinese students walked into the No.8’s classroom to feel the classroom atmosphere of Chinese students. The teachers in Singapore also brought two wonderful English classes for students of No.8 middle school. In the class, the students from both countries spoke actively and the atmosphere was lively.




In Liu Zhongming's  calligraphy class, students from Singapore learned the basic brush holding posture and some simple calligraphy knowledge, and experienced the profound Chinese culture firsthand.



In the students' canteen of No.8 Middle School, the students and teachers from Singapore learned how to make dumplings-----a traditional Chinese delicacy. It is said that although there are many Chinese people in Singapore, most families do not make dumplings by themselves. The students studied very hard, and even though they tried it for the first time, they still made the same kind of dumplings.


The event greatly promoted the educational and cultural exchange between the two schools. As Anglo-Chinese's  teachers and students said, "although the time is short, the friendship and enlightenment are long."