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The General Party Branch of Langfang No.8 Middle School Organized Party Members and Cadres to Visit and Study in Tangshan

 In order to further improve the political position of party members and cadres, strengthen party spirit cultivation, make up the spirit of calcium, accept spiritual baptism and according to our school’s “not forget the original intention, remember the mission" theme education activities, on October 15, 2019, Langfang No.8 Middle School Party cadres visited the Li Dazhao memorial hall.

Party Secretary Wang Zhongbo led the team to visit Li Dazhao memorial hall.

 renewing the pledge.

Visiting Li Dazhao's former residence.

Visiting Tangshan earthquake memorial hall.

Through this visit of learning, all the members expressed that they should further strengthen their ideals and beliefs, strengthen their responsibility, keep in mind the great achievements of the revolutionary martyrs, further carry forward the spirit of the teachers of No.8 Middle School, carry out educational activities themed “never forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission", pay close attention to the implementation, and continuously promote the high-quality development of the school.