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2019 Senior High School Students Graduation Ceremony and College Entrance Examination Mobilization Conference

 As time flies, it is time for the College Entrance Examination. Recently, our school held the graduation ceremony and College Entrance Examination Mobilization Meeting of 2019 for the senior three students. The conference was presided over by Director Liu Fubing of the Senior Three Department. Principal Wang Zhongbo of Langfang No. 8 Middle School, the Vice Principal Zang Naidong, Miao Shuxian, Director Zhang Yangxiang of the Teaching Department, Director Liu Zhongming of the Inspection Office, Director Yang Shufang of the Characteristic Office, Secretary Zhang Ying of the Youth League Committee, Director Yang Linshan of the Senior Three Department and other school leaders attended the conference.

The assembly began with the solemn national anthem of the People's Republic of China. The little video recalling the three years of students' life in school in 2019 has pushed the little climax. Three years ago, the childishness of the youth packed bags, to dream; Three years later, the determined youth held their heads high and sailed for their dreams. Serious, persistent, tenacious... The third year is a kind of identity, is a kind of role, is a glory, a mission, three students will be brave to go to the examination room, to create their own greater glory.

Three years of high school life accumulated is a lifetime of feelings to No.8 Middle School, no matter where we go, No.8 are our common concern. On behalf of the school, Principal Wang first affirmed the growth and progress of the students in the third year of No. 8 Middle School, and hoped that they would continue to work hard after entering the university and create conditions for a better life in the future. At the same time, I hope students do not forget the kindness of teachers, often go home . Director Yang Linshan on behalf of the department to give the speech, three years, the teachers hard work, unity, and students fight together, experience the wind and rain. The students spontaneously stood up and shouted "teachers, you have worked hard" to bring the graduation ceremony to a climax.  Secretary Zhang Ying speaks on behalf of teachers of senior three. Three years of time is fleeting, three years of love with teachers. Secretary Zhang Ying, on behalf of all the teachers, asked the senior three children to do the final review calmly and calmly, wishing them a victory from the college entrance examination, toward the future brilliant life. On behalf of all the graduates, student representative xinxin bao thanked her Alma mater for the three years of cultivation and expressed her gratitude to her Alma mater. And expressed in the college entrance examination will go all out to test a good return Alma mater.

The horn of 2019 College Entrance Examination has been blown. Headmaster Zang of our school sends a blessing to the students on behalf of our school, "the College Entrance Examination must win", which is eye-catching on the stage. At the same time, students present the school with a plaque to express their gratitude to their Alma mater.

The Director Liu Fubing make the last speech: I firmly believe that youth will not die, it is only hiding in some green shade slowly healing... I am not in the best time, met you, but met you, just gave me this period of the best time.