Langfang No. 8 Middle School Participated in the 20th “Stars of Hope” English Talent Competition

 A total of 30 students from Grade one and Grade two of our school signed up for the 20th Stars of Hope English Talent Competition, among which 12 entered the city finals and 6 entered the provincial finals and won the third prize.



The "stars of hope" English talent competition is a large-scale TV English competition sponsored by the Social Education Program Center of CCTV.  Since 2000 ,the competition has over 20 years, and process after area selection, the final qualifier three stages, and the national finals game points, secondary and primary competitions in university. the competition content is given priority to with the spoken language, mainly includes the impromptu speech, hearing tests, quizzes, etc., aims to investigate player integrated use of English.


After class selection, the English teachers selected excellent contestants for their intensive training, which includes correcting students' pronunciation and intonation, sentence stress, continuous reading, weak reading and typhoon posture. The teachers also carefully selected various themes for the contestants to prepare for the competition. Langfang No. 8 Middle School has always insisted on running a school with English characteristics. The “Star of Hope” English Talent Competition not only showed us the English strength and talent of our students, but also showed us the gap with excellent contestants from other cities.

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