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New Era New Journey


 Langfang No.8 Middle School held the 10th adult oath ceremony in  beautiful May , the whole campus was filled with the breath of youth, the students were blooming with bright smiles...


Principal Wang Zhongbo, Vice Principal Ge Zhiqiang, Zang Naidong, Miao Shuxian and some middle level leaders attended the event. All the teachers, students and parents of grade two attended the ceremony.



After the solemn national flag ceremony, the adult ceremony, the host and the classmate together learn the remarks of youth by Chairman Xi ‘ young people should be loyal to our motherland, loyal to the people, their own ideal and the future of the motherland, and between his life and the fate of the nation together, take root in the people, dedication. To be a person of great ambition and striver, to cultivate the spirit of struggle, require real knowledge and skills, to fulfill the mission of socialist builders and successors, to strive for the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and the building of a modern socialist country in all respects, and to make the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation come true in our struggle.’




Subsequently, the Party Branch Secretary Wang Zhongbo put forward earnest hope to the young students ‘ first, hope the students mind the motherland, ambitious; Secondly, I hope students will be in awe and toughen their character. Thirdly, I hope students are grateful and dare to take on responsibilities. Fourth, I hope students to make unremitting efforts to create miracles.’



After that, Zhang Baixinyi’s  parents gave congratulations and blessings on behalf of the children, and created a poem for the schoolmates.


In the interactive link between parents and students, students presented the written letters for parents, showing the children's gratitude for parents' upbringing, parents will give adult gifts to students, condensing parents' ardent hope for their children's good life in the future. After exchanging gifts, students' parents took photos and hugged each other tightly. The scene was warm and touching.



The dear students, let us remember President Xi's deep feeling message, "the new era of Chinese youth to be brave to walk in the forefront of The Times to forge ahead, pioneers, devotees, in order to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as its own responsibility, live up to the expectations of the party, the people's expectations, the great trust of the nation, live up to our great times.’ Set sail and write a new chapter for your new era!