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The Launching Ceremony of "Free Clinic on Campus" was Successfully Held in Our School


 The launching ceremony of "Health Lectures, Free Clinic into Campus" was successfully held in our school on the morning of April 18th. Municipal Political Consultative Conference, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Health and Construction Commission, Municipal Party Committee of Agricultural and Labor Party, Municipal Committee for the Advancement of the People, Municipal Institute of Health Education and other relevant leaders, members of our school's leadership team and the Municipal People's Hospital, the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine related medical experts attended the event. More than 100 teachers and staff of our school took part in the activity.


Langfang Municipal Party Committee,Wang Shiqiang said, "Health Service Station" activity has been carried out for two years, through the experts ‘  health classes  the  teachers get more health knowledge and the health care knowledge gradually covered the city schools.

Xue Shulin, the Secretary of the Party Leading Group of the Municipal Education Bureau and the Director of the Bureau, said in the speech that the work of teachers is closely related to the growth of every family and every teenager. This activity aims at serving the teachers and is the actual performance of respecting teachers and valuing education and caring for educators.

After the launching ceremony, Wu Guangqian, Deputy Director of orthopedics department of the municipal hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Chairman of the branch committee of Langfang municipal hospital of traditional Chinese medicine of the Agricultural Labor Party and Director of traditional Chinese medicine physician, gave a health lecture with the theme of "prevention and treatment of teachers' occupational diseases" and actively communicated and interacted with the on-site staff. Director Wu focused on chronic pharyngitis, chronic gastritis, insomnia and dryness, neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, varicose veins in lower limbs and other teachers prone to disease prevention and treatment of a detailed explanation, remind everyone to pay attention to daily maintenance, try to avoid Shouting, to work and rest, movement and movement, drink more water, do not smoke, adjust mood.


After the lecture, 8 medical experts from the municipal hospital and the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, including the department of internal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, department of internal medicine of western medicine, department of surgery of western medicine, department of orthopedics, department of otolaryngology and department of gynaecology carried out on-site free diagnosis service for the staff of our school and distributed the medicine at home for free. With profound professional knowledge and rich clinical experience, they patiently and carefully explained and analyzed the symptoms and health problems of the staff, and put forward opinions and Suggestions on diagnosis and treatment and health care from a professional perspective, so as to give the teachers a satisfactory answer as far as possible.

Our school faculty have said, in the event that embodies the warm and humanistic care of the school, also meets the requirements of the reality of the faculty, is of great practical significance, and hope that the future can more similar activities, help the masses of staff awareness, pay attention to health preservation, improve the body quality, better work and live a happy life and healthy.

In order to ensure the smooth holding of the event, the school leadership attaches great importance to the convening of coordination meetings, careful research and deployment, and supervise the implementation of the preparatory work of all links.

Our school will take this activity as an opportunity to further strengthen the health education for teachers and students, lay a solid foundation for the comprehensive, healthy, safe and sustainable development of our school, and make contributions to the construction of healthy China and healthy langfang no. 8 middle school.


Foreign Affairs Office

April 19th