Teachers and Students of Langfang No. 8 Senior High School Went to Singapore Anglo-Chinese School to Have Exchange


From March 31st 2019 to April 4th, Zhu Xianglian, Qiu Fenglin, Wang Fujun and Ning Bin, teachers of our school, led 12 students from Senior 1 and Senior 2 to participate in the four-day exchange activity of Singapore Anglo- Chinese School.

Singapore Anglo-Chinese (Independent) School, founded in 1886, is an international school. No.8 Senior High School and Anglo-Chinese School have been friendly exchange schools since 2002. We send teachers and students to visit for each other every year and have established a profound friendship.

On the first day of the exchange, teachers and students of our school had the honor to participate in the solemn worship ceremony held every Monday in the school. As a semi - church school, the ceremony focused on love and faith. After the ceremony, led by 12 Singaporean students, our students entered the classroom and began the three-day Singapore high school curriculum experience. Meanwhile, under the guidance of Tang Jie, the Director of the Chinese Language and Culture Department of Senior High School, the teachers visited the beautiful  campus and had a cordial discussion with the two Vice-Principals of Anglo-Chinese school. Vice Principal Zhuo also presented the teachers and students of No. 8 Middle School with a souvenir bearing the name of Anglo-Chinese Middle School. In the evening, under the arrangement of the   school, teachers and students of No.8 visited the famous night zoo in Singapore.

From April 2nd to 3rd, teachers and students of No.8 Senior High School attended the unique and solemn flag-raising ceremony of Yinghua Middle School and listened to the speech under the national flag. Then the students came to class. Meanwhile,the school also arranged a thesis class for the teachers and students of Senior two students. Although the class was taught in English, the students could not fully understand it, they could deeply understand the classroom mode and atmosphere of Singapore school. The students also had the honor to attend a Chinese class, in which the two schools had a heated discussion and a harmonious atmosphere. After class, the teachers and students of No. 8 Middle School visited the extracurricular activities group on the campus of Yinghua Middle School. the school has a variety of extracurricular activities, such as dancing, swimming, softball, Musical Instruments, football, volleyball, fencing, etc. Students can choose their favorite activities after one day's study, and of course they can go to the library for reference. The teachers also visited the school library at Director Tang's arrangement.

On April 4th, the last day of the exchange, although the time of the exchange was short, the teachers and students of the two schools left a deep affection, and they were reluctant to part and took photos of each other when they left.

The students gained a lot by learning from each other in a few days. The friendly exchanges between the two schools not only enhanced each other's feelings and deepened each other's understanding, but also broadened students' horizon, enriched their learning experience and cultivated students' international perspective, which laid the foundation for further cooperation and exchanges between the two schools.