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The Senior One of Langfang No.8 Senior High School Held the Mid-term Examination commendation Conference


In order to sum up experience, reward the advanced, inspire morale, encourage morale, and create a good learning atmosphere, on the afternoon of November 24, 2018, langfang No.8 Senior High School Senior One held the mid-term examination commendation conference in the gymnasium.

The commendation conference was organized by the Director of Senior one Xing Guosheng and Director Liu Zhongcheng of Senior One. All teachers, students and parents of Senior One attended the conference.

First of all, Director liu Zhongcheng read out the list of the top 40 students in this mid-term examination, the list of the top 40 students in each subject, the list of the students who have won the progress award, the list of the class that has won the outstanding collective, and issued certificates respectively.

The students who won the first place in the exam and the students who won the first place in the progress award took the stage and shared their learning experience with the students from the aspects of paying attention to accumulation, timely correction of mistakes, self-study examination and paying attention to examination skills, encouraging everyone to take responsibility bravely and challenge themselves.

Then, looking ahead to the upcoming third monthly exam, each class raised higher development goals, challenged and swore to the class with better scores than themselves. The resounding slogan, firm oath, a long time to reverberate in the stadium, lit up the students struggle and enterprising passion.

Finally, the two Directors of the department made a summary speech. Director Xing Guosheng elaborated on the middle and high school learning content, methods and told the students how to take attitude, established goals, developed habits, actively spent three years in high school. They also introduced various issues concerning the reform of college entrance examination that are of great concern to parents of students present.

Director Liu Zhongcheng admonished the students to correct their learning attitude and observe rules and discipline. I have introduced various activities organized by the school to all the parents since the beginning of the term, stated the management system of the school, and advocated the joint management of parents and the school, so as to achieve better results in the future.

The success of the conference, inspired the students' enthusiasm for learning The students have said to take Liu Yao and other students as an example, work hard and strive to achieve better results in the next exam.

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