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Director Xue Went to No.8 Middle School to Inspect and Guide the Work



 On the morning of December 9th, the Party Secretary of Langfang Municipal Educational Bureau,  Comrade Xue Shulin, Deputy Researcher Comrade Wang Quanle and other Bureau leaders came to No.8 to inspect and guide work. Accompanied by the Party Secretary and the Principal of No.8 Wang Zhongbo, Vice Principle Ge Zhiqiang, Zang NaiDong, Comrade Xue and other leaders checked No.8’s campus environment, the teaching building, laboratory, dormitory, canteen, etc., for preparing the provincial education supervision inspection.



Principle Wang Zhongbo reported to the Bureau leaders on the work of No.8 Middle school, the measures taken and the results achieved.No.8 has been attached great importance to the city’s civilaztion constructionall work, conscientiously in accordance with the requirements and standards. The cadres weekly have the meeting arrangement, scheduling, propulsion, from the Principal to middle-level cadres to all the teachers and students, substantial work and don't ignore every detail, from wearing a crest, remembering the core values of socialism,  decorating the atmosphere of the campus environment and health, and even the leaves swept to finish every work seriously and constant attention, rectification in place to ensure effectiveness.



Director Xue gave full recognition and praise to the work of No. 8 Middle School and hoped that No. 8  would make persistent efforts to do a better job. It is required that No. 8 Middle School should further intensify efforts to check the omission-making up for the deficiency, seize the key points and key links, involve all the staff, create a positive atmosphere, do a good job in depth and meticulous work, ensure the smooth passing of the national inspection of chuangcheng, ensure the safety of the campus, and push forward the school work to achieve greater results.



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