The Delegation of Guangdong Senior High School Came to No.8 to Have a Friendly Exchange



On December 21st, 2018, a delegation of 32 people from Guangdong Senior High School visited Langfang No.8l for an friendly exchange. Leaders of our school and teachers and students of Korean language class held a warm welcome ceremony in the gymnasium. On behalf of all the teachers and students of Langfang No. 8 Senior High School, the Vice Principle Ge Zhiqiang extended a warm welcome and sincere greetings to the teachers and students coming from afar.

Chinese and Korean students held fellowship activities and performed wonderful cultural programs, although different countries have different art forms, different ways of communication and different cultural deposits,  the wonderful music has no borders. Music connects the hearts of students from both countries, builds a bridge between the two schools, promotes the cultural exchange between students from both countries and the development of china-south Korea friendship.

During the activity, the two sides exchanged gifts and took photos to show their profound friendship.

Students from South Korea walked into the class with Chinese students and feel the learning life of Chinese students.

Since Guangdong Senior High School and langfang No. 8 High School became friendly exchange schools in 2012, they have sent teachers and students to exchange visits every year. "A bird sings out to draw a friend's attention." Teachers and students of the two schools learn from each other . Through the joint efforts of the two sides, they have established a long-term cooperative relationship and established a profound friendship with education as the bond.