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No.8 Organizes the Party Members and Cadres to Visit the Center of Rule of Law of Langfang


In order to further study and implement Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19’s National Congress of the CPC, and promptly arouse the spirit of studying General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the Congress celebrating the 14’s anniversary of reform and opening-up, and encourage Party members and cadres in our school to firm their ideals and beliefs, disseminate the concept of rule of law, advocate diligent and honest government, and promote a clean and upright atmosphere, more than 70 Party members were trained to study in Langfang Rule of Law Missionary Center on 20th December.


During the event, they visited the exhibition hall of the Official Virtue and Family Style, the anti-corruption warning education base and other exhibition areas. They watched the anti-corruption micro-film, and collectively reviewed the pledge of joining the Party. Langfang Rule of Law Education Center is located in Longhe High-tech Zone. It is the first comprehensive rule of law education center in China, which integrates anti-corruption education, official ethics education, caring for the healthy growth of young people, serving the rule of law education of non-public enterprises and exhibiting the culture of clean government. Through high-tech means such as 3D image, virtual dialogue and video projection, the pavilion is arranged by means of interactive experience, simulation scenes, large-scale sculptures, physical exhibition, etc. It is vivid and matched with the highly shocking and impacting audio-visual effect, so that every visitor is visually shocked and mentally shocked.