Teachers and Students of Langfang No. 8 Senior High School Went to South Korea for Exchange Visit

 From November 26th 2018 to December 1st, The teachers of No.8 Senior High school Gu Feng, Liu ZhongCheng and Yang Jingjing with 14 students from Korean class of Senior two went to the  South Korea GuangDong Senior High School and several well-known Universities to have a visit.


On November 27th, the teachers and students of Langfang No. 8 Senior High School came to GuangDong Senior High school and attended their welcoming ceremony, watched the performance given by the Korean Students, walked into the classroom and experienced the curriculum of the Korean High School students. Teachers of Langfang No. 8 Senior High School communicated with Principal Liang and Principal Li of GuangDong high school about the similarities and differences of education between Chinese and Korean high schools. Through a day of communication, the students gained a lot and forged a deep friendship with Korean students.

From November 28th to 30th,the teachers and students of Langfang No.8 Senior High school walked into Dongguo University, Cheng Junguan University, Lihua Women's University, Yanshi University and hanyang University successively, listened to the introduction and explanation of each university by the Director of the International Department, and explained the recruitment of international students. The students also asked questions about the admission conditions, admission application, major setting and related fees that they were concerned about. By listening to the introduction of the school and visiting the Universities in person, the students had a preliminary understanding of several well-known Universities, which enhanced their motivation and confidence to study Korean hard.


This friendly exchange visit not only enhanced the understanding between Chinese and Korean students, enriched their learning experience, cultivated their international perspective, and laid a good foundation for further exchanges and cooperation. During the exchange and investigation activities, the students of the two countries learned from each other, complemented each other's strengths and conducted friendly exchanges, which enhanced their mutual feelings and laid a foundation for the better choice and development of Korean students in our school.




The camera frames a beautiful moment and here wish the friendship between Chinese and Korean students last forever!