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Langfang No.8 Senior High School Held the Warning Education Conference

 In the afternoon of November 16th, a warning education conference was held in our school. All the party members and cadres attend the conference. The party branch member, Vice President Zang Naidong presided over the meeting, and the party branch secretary, President Wang Zhongbo made the summary speech.

At the meeting, the participants first watched a warning education film. The film from the ideal conviction, political consciousness, weaken the organization concept, objective consciousness, etc. deeply analyzed the ten typical cases such as  Li Jinliang and Zhao Jianguo which also revealed the political disaster is fundamental and the destroy of political discipline is root breaking.

In his speech, Wang Zhongbo emphasized three opinions on our school's in-depth promotion of Party construction, and anti-corruption work. One is to grasp the situation, improve consciousness and always tighten the strings of corrosion resistance. Second, we must be strict with ourselves, clean and honest, and always maintain a clean political character. Third, we must fulfill our duties, take the initiative, and always uphold strict party discipline in an all-round way.

People have expressed that they should constantly improve their ability to resist corruption and prevent change, constantly strengthen their awareness of integrity, strictly abide by laws and regulations, always keep a clear mind, stick to the bottom line, do not touch the "high voltage line", and jointly create a clean and positive political environment.