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The Fourth Campus Culture and Art Festival was Grandly Held in No.8

 The fourth campus culture and art festival was grandly held on November 9th in No.8’s gym. The festival included reading, singing contests and art performances.  The Director of Langfang Educational Bureau Xue Shulin, the Guidance of the Educational Bureau Wang Jianhua attended the activity.

The Municipal educational bureau leaders visited the cultural and arts festival’s calligraphy exhibition.

The Municipal education bureau leaders visited the exhibition of art works in the gymnasium.

The preparation of the culture and art festival lasted for one month, and activities such as calligraphy exhibition, art PK, football league, the red songs contest, class classical culture recitation contest and art performance were wonderful.

At the opening ceremony, Principal Wang said, "the campus culture and art festival has become an important part of the campus culture construction of our school. The opening of this cultural and art festival again played the triumphal song of promoting the quality of education in our school  which also set up a platform for teachers and students to show themselves. All the cultural and artistic activities and creative activities we have carefully organized and promoted would surely enhance our cultural confidence, promote positive energy, teach the truth, kindness and beauty, and further practice the core socialist values. 

Each class attached great importance to this festival and they carefully prepared. The performances were colorful which gave us a audio-visual feast!

Culture is the soul of a nation, containing unyielding hope and strength, culture is the driving force of national development, people's courage to climb the peak of the spirit and perseverance. Culture is a bridge to communicate the world, and pass to the world warmth and color. Students are full of deep feeling and incisively and vividly express their admiration and nostalgia for people with lofty ideals, inherit the traditional Chinese culture and eulogize the country's splendid rivers and mountains and prosperous times.

The cultural performance was held in the afternoon: in the golden autumn with singing and dancing, colorful flags fluttering, happy songs and laughter, all teachers and students into the sea of joy.

After the culture and art festival, the students said: though the autumn wind was cold, it could not block their fire of enthusiasm. With the dream as the rudder, with the book as the oar, together to the success of the other shore full forward! We will live up to expectations and grow into the most beautiful look: with mountains on my shoulders and light in my eyes!