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The 12th Sports Meeting of Lang Fang No. 8 Middle School was Grandly Opened

 Following the wind of September and basking in the golden autumn sun, Lang Fang No.8 Senior Middle School welcomed the grand 12th sports meeting with great joy. The sports meeting was held on the school playground on 29th September . The play ground was filled with colorful flags and the students’ happy songs and laughter and youthful vigor. With the encouraging song of“ athletes march ", with the guidance of the national flags and bunting, the  classes shouted loud slogans, in turn, walked through the rostrum. Their steps and confident smile showed No.8’s teachers and the students’ positive spirit which won the applause from the present leaders , the teachers and the students.


The opening ceremony was presided by the Vice-Principle Zang Naidong. After the solemn flag-raising ceremony, Principle Wang Zhongbo delivered the opening speech. Principle Wang had high expectations for this grand gathering. In his speech, he hoped all the athletes would carry forward the enterprising spirit of striving, show their level in the fierce competition and  obey the referee and rules.


After the excellent speech, Principle Wang announced the opening of the 12th track and field meeting of Lang Fang No. 8 Middle School!


The students in senior one performed the martial arts, and the the students of Senior two held the running competition. When it was over, the official competition began.


Wish this conference a complete success, wish all athletes tenacious fighting . Let's look forward to the outstanding achievements of the students in No.8 Middle School.