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The Sympath in the Teacher’s Day Warm Teacher's Heart


On the afternoon of September 7th, the Director of the Educational Bureau Zhang Aihong and the Director Dong Gang came to our school to have a visit and investigation, and extended festive greetings and high respect to teachers and educational workers who worked hard in the front of education.

During the activity, Director Zhang communicated with the school leaders and teachers' representatives and thanked them for their hard work and positive contributions. She wished all teachers a happy holiday. She said: “ What the teachers do every day is ordinary work, but to do the ordinary things well themselves is extraordinary and you are holding up the future of the motherland, the nation's hope.” We hoped that the faculty and staff would continue to carry forward the fine tradition and work style, continued to carry forward the ethics of the teachers who are dedicated, rigorous, studious and selfless, and work with more passion and more practical style of work, to run the education that people are satisfied with. She also encouraged everyone to always grasp the core of teaching quality and continue to carry forward the real work, pioneering and innovative spirit of dedication.

Principal Wang Zhongbo, on behalf of all the teachers in No.8 Middle School, thanked the leaders for their care, and said that teachers must grasp the core of teaching quality, keep the mission in mind, teach and educate people, make persistent efforts, and strive for excellence.