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The Display of the 2018 Freshman Military Training was Held in No.8


The autumn wind is valiant, the sun is bright, the military song is loud and clear and the camouflage is flying. The graduation ceremony of 2018 freshman military training in langfang No .8 Senior Middle School was held on the school playground at 8:30 am on August 24, 2018.



The School Principal, the Director of the Educational Department and the relevant school leaders attended the ceremony. 



Principal Wang Zhongbo inspected the students’ military parade. Dressed in camouflage, the 2018 freshmen went through the march-past performances in 12 orderly rows, accompanied by fiery music. In the majestic melody, each square passed through the platform in turn, their loud slogan and orderly pace won bursts of applause. After the march-past, the classes held a performance of martial arts, with the students marching in orderly steps, valiant and energetic. More than 500 students participated in the military boxing performance. The students' neat and uniform movements, as strong as steel will quality, fully showed the youth elegant demeanor of the 2018 freshmen of our school.



After the presentation, Captain Ma who was the military training organizer praised the students' excellent performance and the spirit of hard training. The school honored classes and individuals with outstanding performance in military training. Principal Wang Zhongbo expressed high respect and sincere gratitude for the hard work of the trainers and teachers. He hoped that students can blend the fine tradition of the army into blood, in practice and to push himself with the military training experience, to request themselves by the standards of the military training. 


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