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No.8 Senoir High School held the Mid-Term Examination Commendation Conference


On the afternoon of May 25, 2018, "the Mid-Term Exam Recognition Meeting " was successfully held in the school gymnasium. The Director of Senior One Wang Shaojie,Lli Yanliang Commended for the students.


At the beginning of the conference, Director Li first commended the students for their outstanding performance in the mid-term exam  of the first year In high school.


Second, Director Wang announced the excellent classes. The winning class students awarded prizes, thrilled the audience students. No pain, No gain the students broke into warm applause for the award-winning students to express the sincere congratulations!


The President of the Student Union spoke on stage in the third session of the conference. In his speech, he said that failure is inevitable, to give the heart light. "Lost, see if you have the courage to rebuild the mountains and rivers? It is the most difficult thing to defeat yourself, and if you defeat yourself, you will surely win success and make brilliant achievements. Especially after we have made great efforts, paid the extraordinary hardships, the desperate efforts. However, from another perspective, Is failure an opportunity? a solemn and stirring? a promotion? an exercise?


In the fourth session of the conference, Director Li gave a speech on the next learning plan. Li divided his speech into three parts: "preview habit", "classroom habit" and "review habit". In brief, he explained to the students how to form good study habits and make life better.


The last item is Director Wang's summary of the behavior habits of students in the current grade. In the past half semester, students academic achievement, or moral cultivation have been a lot of ascended.Middle school stage is the beginning of life, at this time if we can lay a good foundation, it would be crucial for the development of life. he hoped teachers and students of No.8  can work together to create a better tomorrow.