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18 Years Old, the Inspirational Youth

Langfang No.8 Middle School’s 9th Adult Oath Ceremony



With the orderly steps of the ceremonial staff, the flag ceremony officially began. with the solemn national song, all the students, parents and teachers solemnly stood up and sang the national anthem together to welcome this youth festival belonging to the students.

First of all, in a friendly tone, Principal Wang Zhongbo expressed his blessing to the students and put forward three earnest hopes: "first, we should aim high, but also keep our feet on the ground. Second, we should not only love the motherland, but also focus on the present. Third, we must study hard and plan scientifically. He enthusiastically pointed out that the students should "strive to be patriotic, dedicated, sincere, friendly qualified citizens and for freedom, equality, justice, harmonious society, a prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious, beautiful China to contribute wisdom and strength."

"Eighteen" means independence in life and responsibility. We hope that by the activity, each adult student can achieve sacredness, and promote the students finish a good transition from a "minor" to "social person", inspire the hearts of the students, students of religious faith, inspire young students’ heart of gratitude, responsibility.

I believe that after the adult ceremony, the senior two students will continue to work hard and forge ahead, with their own persistence and struggle to achieve adult responsibility!




At 8:30am, on May 25th, 2018, the ninth 18-year-old Oath Ceremony of langfang No.8 Middle School was held in the school playground. More than 500 students from senior two solemnly swear to the national flag. Principal Wang Zhongbo, Vice-President Miao Shuxian, the Youth Corps Committee Secretary Zhang Ying, Director of the Office Ma Donghui, Director of the Party Committee Jiang Shijie,the Director of Senior two group Liu Zhongming, Fu Runhua, all the class teachers and the students parents witnessed the unforgettable moment.


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