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Base on Reality, Highlight Key Points

On the afternoon of May 11th, the Director of the Bureau, Comrade Wang Ping, Deputy Chief of the Legal Security Bureau, went to our school to supervise education.No.8’s Principal Wang Zhongbo, the Office Director Ma Donghui, the Director of the Education Department, Xing Guosheng and some other school leaders received the supervision team.

The Deputy Director of Li Kewen first talked about the importance of the national implementation of education poverty alleviation work, and showed the contents of the supervision. On behalf of the school, Principal Wang reported on the overall implementation of education poverty alleviation work in our school. The Director of Xing Guosheng made a supplementary explanation on some work details. By listening to the report and consulting materials, Director Li fully affirmed the education poverty alleviation work in our school.

Our school attaches great importance to education's poverty alleviation work. Education poverty relief working group, which is headed by the Principal, has held a series of special meeting research and implementation measures, and formulated specific implementation measures. The Education Department, as the main responsibility department, carefully organizes the implementation of education poverty alleviation work according to the implementation method formulated by the school. Each grade group and the teacher in charge in accordance with the unified school deployment earnestly convey, screening, and fill in the relevant material, implements the qualified students all received funding, guarantee the students with difficulties complete their studies smoothly.

Wang Ping, Deputy Section Chief, carefully checked the archival materials, and put forward the rectification opinions on the problems of incomplete filling and incomplete data.

Principal Wang made a statement, and the school attached great importance to the issues raised by the leadership of the bureau, and immediately organized relevant personnel to make rectification to ensure the completion of the work according to the above documents.

With the help of education targeted poverty alleviation, our school will make unremitting efforts to help the poor students, constantly renew their ideas, explore new education methods, and strive to improve the achievements and abilities of poor students.