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In 2018, No.8 Senior Middles School will be oriented to the whole city to recruit an English feacher class, a Korean feacher class, and a music and art feature class, and the school will recruit students independently. 

The English Feacher Class

We will recruit 30 students for the English class. The students who will graduate from Middle School and excellent in English, willing to go abroad and with good family condition can sign up. Except the high school’s curriculum and English characteristic courses. The school will increase the number of English classes, new concept courses and the related courses of TOEFl and IELTS. English feacher courses will employ foreign teachers with abundant teaching experience.

The Korean Feacher Class

Korean feacher class: 30 students are enrolled, and the students who are volunteered to study Korean and study abroad can sign up. High school curriculum and Korean language courses will be set up. The Korean language course employs an experienced Korean foreign teacher and a key university graduate of Chinese Korean language teachers to teach jointly.

The Music and Art  Class

Students: 40 students, all students with fine arts, music (vocal music, instrument and music) are eligible to register. After admission, the student must sign a commitment letter with the school, and make sure to attend professional training in accordance with the requirements of the school and not transfer to class.


1.The students who sign up for English and Korean classes need to take part in the English test organized by No.8 and get the test certificate.

2. The students who wants to sign up the music and art feacher class will be required to take part in a  professional test organized by our school and obtain the certificate of the professional test. Then the school will evaluate the  comprehensive professional achievement and the Senior High School Entrance Examination results.

3. The students who are enrolled in the English feature class, the Korean language class, music and art class  will not be charged separately.

4. Registration time: April 21 --- May 13.

5. Registration place: teaching office of LangfangNo.8 Middle School.

6. Contact number: 2651275.

7. Registration requirement: the original and photocopy of the household register should be taken, and the students will be able to take two photos of the two inches.

8. Professional testing time will be futher noticed.