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No. 8’s Red Song Competition


For further promoting the Party's 19th Congress’s spirit,  building strong public atmosphere, further enriching the spiritual and cultural life of minors, on April 27th afternoon, our school’s Red Songs’Singing Competition  was held in No.8’s  gym. Principal Wang Zhongbo, the Grade Directors, the Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee Zhang Ying, the head teachers and all the students from grade one participated in the activity!


The event kicked off with a passionate song, and the announcer announced the beginning of the competition ".

Twelve classes which formed eleven teams attended the competition.  The singing contest began with the song of Red Mountain by class12. Each team, in the form of unique, recreates the popular and enduring red classic songs ---"Descendants of the Dragon" “Beyond the Dream "" Country" and so on. Through the songs , the students expressed the constant pursuit of the ideal and faith, showed the contemporary middle school students ’s revolutionary spirit and aroused the enthusiasm of the teachers and students’.


The first prize of the competition was "Red Mountain" by class12.


The song "I love you China" by class 8 won the second place,


“Our Country”by class 9 won the third place.

After the singing contest, the Principal Wang Zhongbo gave high praise  to the students’ performances and gave the full affirmation to the judge’s fairly scoring, the staff’s  hard working and he wished all the teachers and students to show the kind of confidence, calm, unity of the spirit to study, work and life. The competition played a positive role in actively expanding students' quality, riching campus culture and creating a healthy campus atmosphere.

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May 7th