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No.8 Carry Out the Tomb Sweeping Activity for the Heros

To pursue the hero footprint and enhance the sense of people’s responsibility and mission, on the morning of April 3rd, No.8 Middles School carried out “ the memory of the revolutionary martyrs and immortal history "tomb sweeping activity.


At 9:00 a.m. on April 3, 108 students and teachers from senior one of No.8 Middles School visited the cemetery of martyrs. All the teachers and students who participated in the activity stood in orderly procession at the monument of the martyrs cemetery. All the students, led by director Wang Shaojie, laid a flower basket for the martyrs in front of the martyrs' monument. The President of the student union, Li Chuang, made a speech. He called on his classmates to study hard and work hard.


The whole sweeping activity was solemn and orderly. In front of the solemn and sacred monument to the martyrs, all the students observed a collective silence of 30 seconds and bowed to the monument in honor of the martyrs. Later, the students paid a visit to the martyrs' monument and learned the heroic stories of the martyrs.


Under the guidance of the teacher, the students orderly visited the revolutionary martyr memorial hall and listened to the narrator, the interpretation of the heroic deeds of the martyrs.

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April 16th