No.8 Participated in the International Invitational Competition Held in Singapore

From April 1st to 6th, teacher Yang Jianwei with students zhang Shilei, Wang Peng and Guo Yuhang from No.8 Middles School took part in the Scientific and Technological Innovation held by the Anglo-Chinese School and was sponsored by Singapore and obtained the success.


To help and protect people with disabilities, the Science and Technology Innovation Invitational Tournament aims to help people with disabilities to travel and make their lives more colorful and improve the level of people to care for the disabled. Our school was a finalist in two projects: the Management System for Hospital Disability Appliance and the Multi-Function Crutches with the Internet of Things.

The hospital disability appliance management system is equipped with satellite positioning, with active and passive alarm system and simple entertainment functions. The system can observe the geographic location and activity information of all users in the monitoring interface. When a monitored object does not move for a long time, the system automatically alerts the monitoring center and provides information about the monitoring object. When users are in trouble, they can contact the monitoring center through the active call system to get the help they need. In the later stage, the system can also manage a certain area, so as to achieve a higher level of overall planning of the delivery area and quantity of medical devices, to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.


The Multi-Function walking stick with the Internet of things can not only be convenient for users to rest, but also bring GPS, heart rate, flashlight, pedometer, bag, MP3 and other functions. The cane can be through the form of corporate sponsorship in public areas of the city, by paying the deposit code lock, at the same time can also convenient and statistics on the area of the relevant number of disabled people, provide resources on the development direction. This undoubtedly makes it easier and more entertaining for people with disabilities to travel in the legs, making their lives more colorful.


The two projects were highly evaluated by the competition judges and the department of science, and awarded the award. Mr Yang's next step is to apply for a patent on the two projects and look for sponsors to collaborate on market development.


From the trip to Singapore the students not only learned the creation of the advanced idea and innovation spirit, they also set an example for millions of students in Langfang City.

 Foreign Affairs Office

April 16th