An Educational Delegation from Davenport City, USA Visited Our School


On March 19, a five people’s Educational Delegation Group from America visited Langfang No.8 Middle School. The Group were made up of a Davenport Municipal Committee memeber of the United States, the West High School Principal as well as a professor from Saint Ambrose and their famliy members. They were accompanyed by Ms Wang Dejiang, the Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Langfang Government, Mr Liu Wenmin the Chief of the Foreign Affairs Office.  The visit was the first stop after the Davenport Delegation came to Langfang, which made our school feel honored and full of expectation for the meeting result.



At 10 am, a warm welcome ceremony was held in the conference room of our school. The Principal of No.8 Middle School Wang Zhongbo, Deputy principal Miao Shuxian, the Director of the Foreign Affairs office Yang Jingjing and the relevant leaders of No.8Middle School attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the Vice-Pricipal Miao shuxian. President Miao first introduced the participants, and then the President of our school, Wang Zhongbo made a welcomeing speech. At the meeting, the two sides held in-depth and heated exchanges on the basic situation of the school, the friendly visit between two schools, the sending of foreign students and the friendly cooperation. The two sides have more confidence in the prospect of cooperation. The American delegation also expressed its gratitude for the warm reception of our school, and sincerely invited the leaders of our school to have a friendly visit to the West High School and the University of St. Ambrose. The whole meeting took place in a warm and effusive atmosphere.


After the meeting, the two sides exchanged presents and took photos.



Foreign Affairs Office