No.8's Culture and Art Festival


   In order to enrich students' extracurricular cultural life, cultivate students' interest and activate campus cultural atmosphere, from 2015, Langfang No.8 Middle School held the Campus’ Culture and Art Festival every year.

   In the Campus’Culture and Art Festival, the school teachers and students would organize various forms of activities, such as campus singing competitions, traditional culture reading, student talent display, running competition or large artistic performances. Through the careful preparation and arrangement, the students not only enhance their communication and organizational skills, but also enhance their sense of collective honor and personal confidence.

   The Campus Culture Festival is an inspection to the school’s achievements, mental outlook and overall quality and it has become a window of showing our school campus’ culture, an important stage of showing the students’ presence and a powerful carrier of a harmonious campus. Our school will continue to take the festival as an opportunity to further value campus’ cultural construction, promote the development of students' personalities and the rapid progress of students' quality education.