The Tenth Englsih Festival In No.8

   In order to highlight the characteristics of foreign language school, enrich the connotation of the school’s education, promote the all-round development of school’s characteristics construction and at the same time in order to enrich the students’ cultural life and cultivate students' interest in learning English, beginning in 2007, No.8 held the English festival every year.



   The theme of English Festival varies from year to year, but the content mainly includes the opening ceremony, students' activities and performances and awards. It highlights interesting, beneficial, diverse and themed activities. After the opening ceremony, it is usually the English reading contest, in the reading contest, each class has its own ingenuity and unique design: some class’s members make Santa Claus; some of them stand in a staircase shape... Each class showed its own style. Then there are the colorful classroom activities of each grade: funny puzzles, word relay, speech contest, calligraphy competition, Cambridge textbook play and so on. The competition for the speech contest is fierce and the word relay activities are interesting. The textbook drama activities are more vivid and interesting.



   The closing ceremony of the English Festival is the most attractive one, namely the awards ceremony and theatrical performances. In the theatrical performances, we can enjoy the wonderful songs and dance performances, refreshing English songs, English drama performance. The students feel the charm of language, the diversity of culture, the joy of growing up, the joy of competition and the true meaning of English in entertainment, games and appreciating programs.