South Korean Government Guang Dong High School Visited No.8

 On the morning of December 21st, a delegation group made by 17 people from  South Korean  Government Guang Dong high school visited No.8 Middle School. This is the fifth time the came to visit since the two schools became friendly exchange schools in 2012.


At 9:00 am, a grand welcome ceremony was held in the school conference room, welcoming the Principal of Guang Dong High school, the two school leaders and 13 South Korean students. The Principal of No.8 Wang Zhongb , the Vice-Principal Miao Shuxian, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office Yang Jingjing, Director of the International Department Gu Feng and 13 Chinese students attended the reception. The meeting was chaired by the Vice-Principal Miao Shuxian. In the meeting, Principal Wang firstly delivered the welcome words and briefly introduced the basic situation of No.8. Li also introduced the basic situation of the traveling entourages and the basic situation of the school. After that, souvenirs were exchanged between the two schools. Chinese and Korean students  also exchanged their gifts. The whole meeting took place in a warm and overflowing atmosphere.


After the meeting, the Korean students walked into the classroom and felt the life of Chinese students.


The day that the delegation visited was coincided with the Chinese winter solstice and according to the Chinese tradition, every family would eat dumplings, so in this day No.8 specially prepared the activity for South Korean students and teachers to learn making dumplings. The students learned very carefully and the night they ate the dumplings made by themselves.


A day of exchange and learning is short, but it gave a deep impression to all the guests. The visit not only deepened the mutual understanding of the two counties’ culture and national conditions, but also futher deepened the cooperation and friendship between the two universities.


Foreign Affaires Office

Dece 25th