Singapore Anglo-Chinese School Attended the 2017 No.8’s Winter Camp


From November 12th, 2017 to 16th, 19 people from  Singapore Anglo-Chinese School came to No.8 to attend a four-day winter camp.



Singapore Anglo-Chinese School and langfang No.8 Middle School became friendly exchange schools since 2002 , not only they select talents from a public expense examination held in No.8 every year, but also convey the teachers and students every year to visit the schools for each other. Since 2015, our school has participated in the Global Innovation Ability Competition organized by Singapore Anglo-Chinese School for two consecutive years. Through constant exchange the two schools have forged deep friendship.


During the exchange, the students from Singapore entered the classroom ,attended classes with Chinese students and  felt the Chinese classroom’s atmosphere. The students of No.8 also had honor to watch the public lectures given by the Director Liang and Teacher Zheng from Singapore Anglo-Chinese School. The students spoke actively in class and the atmosphere was active.


On the afternoon of 14th, the teachers and students from Singapore walked into the student canteen and watched and tried making the traditional Chinese food, dumplings. Although there are many Chinese in Singapore, most families do not make dumplings by their own  and they said that only in Singapore’s Chinese restaurants  could they eat them. Therefore, the students  cherished this opportunity and  learned very carefully. Although the first attempt , their performance were very good. At last, they also tasted the dumplings made by themselves.


On the afternoon of  16th,the  Singapore students  visited a factory in langfang and then they would finished their visit. 


The four-day exchange was soon over and the students parted with reluctance.  Through this exchange, the two schools not only strengthened their understanding of each other, also deepened the friendship between the two schools.


November 16th, 2017

Foreign affairs office