The 2017 Graduation Ceremony for the Foreign Students was Successfully Held in No.8


At 10 am on July 20th, the 2017 graduation ceremony for foreign students which was organized by the International Department was held on the first floor of the school planetarium. Principal Xu Yonghui, the Dean of Sinologisch Instituut of South Korea Lin Yuzhu, the Director of Foreign Affairs Office Yang Jingjing were invited to attend the ceremony.  All the staff of the International Department and the students from Korean class in senior one attended the ceremony. Principal Xu congratulated the students’ for their smoothly graduation from the platform provided by No.8 and completed an important stage in life. He also congratulated to Quan Daoyin and other 6 students who were enrolled by University of International Business and Economics, the Capital Normal University and other famous Universties in China. Principal Xu also said No.8 would be  forever the home of the foreign students and welcomed to go back often and hoped the students could be messengers of the friendship between China and South Korean.




Foreign Affairs Office

June 28