the Detailed Rules for the Revision of the English of Senior Three in 2017


At the beginning of the term, adhering to the tenet of " set up No.8’s characteristics, strong English discipline, improve the points of each layer" , the school held a series of  activities in each layer and each teacher took the corresponding measures for each student's actual. The overall framework was that, with the completion of the high school English teaching task, each layer found the potential of the students, and hoped each student wolud increase 10 points per semester.


Last semester, we paied attention to the teaching and practice of vocabulary, grammar and paragraph, through the check to the students’ learning situation and the improvement  of the students’ ability of listening , speaking,reading and writing  and we had try to  lay a solid foundation for the next semester. In the next semester we would continue the check of the students’  textbook vocabulary. We timely found the problems appeared in the exam that held in each week and improved and made up them . A weekly research  ensured that the review was not running deviation, and set a plan for next week, all the layers of the teachers carried out. 


Wang Zhengliang 

June 8th