the English Teachers of No.8 Attended the Lecture Given by the Expert Bi Qin


 On April 20th, Professor Bi Qin, from the Educational Institute of Research in the Western City of Beijing, came to our school for an English lecture on the topic: high school's English teaching and advices for preparing the exams. The lecture were around four main aspects:1. English normal course and high efficient class. Efficient class is the key in teaching. A efficient class should have the teaching goal, teaching content, teaching key, teaching methods and teaching level. If each English teacher can be perspective-taking and ensure that every student in the class in every minute have something to do, the students will achieve the goal of solving difficulty and raising ability, so as to truly achieve the foal of students like to learn, the teachers like to teach, teachers and students interact. 2.The teacher should know the concepts of exam and teaching. Two exams one year is about to start and new reforms need teachers  improve their academic literacy and teaching philosophy.3.The English teaching core, strategy and suggestion. 4.How do the teachers in senior three  prepare for the exam. 


Finally Professor Bi Qin gave high expectations for all senior three teachers that the teachers should have clear target in the final sprint phase and get ideal results.



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June 10th